Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Carina’s families – 4 year old version


Here is Carina 2nd year pre school drawing of her families. This is her favourite and only style of people and she is very good drawing this style and excited about her skill. Wonderful job!

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Hide and seek

So, kids wake up early this morning in the long week end Sunday. No swimming class, so I brought them to macdonald. Yes, only me and 2 kids, mom can enjoyed an hour more sleeping.

Unfortunately, the huge 2 stories height playhouse have been replaced with eating seats. However, Colton and Carina still enjoyed the new small toddler playground. Even joyful as a parent to watch them playing with the other kids, a brother and a sister, about 4-5 years older. Later, they all started to play hide and seek around the playarea, and continuous many rounds. I believe that’s the moment my kids had a happy tome even without the huge playhouse. Of course, I also used that time to .read my stuff in my netbook. By the time we arrived home, is around 11:30am and we already went out for 2 good hrs.

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My long lost friend

We lost contact since i got married. It was about 7 years now. I was extremely happy that I got a chance to meet my long lost friend in HK. It felt like we’ve been together forever and we just talked non-stop. Be honest, the time that we spent together at school was very short. But we just clicked! How amazing!

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HK Trip

The trip was good and full of excitment. The kids were doing well in flight. They had jet lag in HK and it was fixed in about 3 days. We stayed over night at Disney Land, we went to 360 cable car and had a birthday party for Colton at Ocean Park. The next week end we went orto Macau and stayed over for 1 night. The trip was all about eat, eat and eat which was good coz I love eating. A million thanks to all the chan’s family members for organizing all the exciting events.

The trip was 16 days long and which was a bit too long for me. It was crowded all the time, a lot of walking from places to places, and it’s  impossible to go out with 2 kids all by myself. Not all the mall has elevator, they don’t have automatic doors for handicaps or strollers, MTR could be the worst place to go with strollers, change tables for babies are not popular. Also, the temperature difference was huge between indoor and outdoor. I had to carry extra jackets for the kids when going in and out of a mall. It’s just too much………

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100 Family Blog Posts has reached!

Until recently, I just start to realize how greater Chance is that I can have a happy family in the future. In the past 2- 3 years, most of the family blog posts in this site have been posting by my wife. The posts are primarily served for 2 main purposes:

  1. As a diary of the memory for our kids in the future.
  2. To keep our relatives and friends in HK and Canada about our living with the kids, even we don’t have much time or chance to meet.

However, there is another purpose which is for me to keep up to date what has been happening with my kids while I’m working in the office. Thanks for Carol keep updating this blog. Most of the time, I find when you are back home after work, you will have hundred of things are waiting for to do and you are tired; there is not much Time to catch up what has happened in the day time. Therefore, it is good to keep a journal like this so you can find your best time to read(catch up) and you can go back to read many times and also share with your friends and families.

So, as a parent, you should really try to understand the different between Time and Chance. Although time is limited, chance is unlimited. (Now, you know why I bold these 2 words in previous paragraphs). Kids are growing up so fast and changing every day, find a way to listen to your kids and Share your time among your work, dream and family.

So here is my first recommended tool for the modern age family:

Tool #1 – A family blog site to capture the things around your kids – either privately held or open to general public.

There are many free blogging services, such as or search “Free Blog” on Have a great time on blogging!

More tools and tips coming in the future.


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Night waking for Carina

Carina was sleeping thru the night untill 2 days ago. She started waking up every 2 hours the first night and she cried for 2 hours last night. I knew she is teething. I gave her tylenol and the ora gel. Didn’t help much. I’m drained out coz I had to deal with Colton during the day for his potty training and deal with Carina for her night waking. I basically didn’t sleep at all. They usually take turn for nap with means that I got no time to rest during the day. Isn’t that the nicest part of being a mom?

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Potty training resumed!

Cotlon is under training again. We started on Aug 12, 07 which is the day he turned 27 months old. This time, we follow the method from Dr. Phil. 

The name of the method is “Potty trained in less than one day”. This is already the forth day after the big day. Colton had 4 accidents the first day. 2 accidents the 2nd and 3rd day. 1 accident today. Looks like he’s getting better using this method. By the end of the 3rd day, he asked to go himself. But that was the only time so far. Today we went out for 1 hour 45 mins with his big boy undeis. We also visited the bathroom at Safeway. We were so happy about that. Colton liked it too. He also pooped in his potty too. Using this methody, he has to run bach and forth to the potty 9 times in a row if he had an accident. I followed it and he hated that so much.

We’ll see how he goes in a week.

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Google Scalability Conference 2007

I’m highly recommend the following videos to any IT person for developing web application. Although I have only watched 2 videos, YouTube and Goolge Talk presentations; they already brow my mind. It is not just because how great the solution, truely there is no one magic solution fits every application/system; it is more about how solution was came out for fixing the performance and scalability in limited resources issues, either short or long term.

Good presentation overall, Enjoy!

Google scalability conference 2007

YouTube Scalability

Building a Scalable Resource Management

Abstractions for Handling Large Datasets

Lessons In Building Scalable Systems

MapReduce Used on Large Data Sets

Scaling Google for Every User

SCTPs Reliability and Fault Tolerance


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Where does cchan’s family memory go?

Is still here, many things has been happening since Colton birthday on May 12, So where are the new photos?

We have moved our photos to, a very popular online photo storage application. See our latest pictures here, . We will continue posting our memory back to there (18,786 photos as of today) and will utilize the “tagging” instead of “folder” concept to organize them.

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